Not Fried Chicken - Party Buckets- LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Not Fried Chicken - Party Buckets- LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


Whether you’re hosting a party, going to a party or having a party of one in your pjs in front of the tv, our Not Fried Chicken Party Buckets are THE formula for crispy, crunchy handheld fun! We coat waffle ice cream and a chocolate covered cookie “bone” in caramelized white chocolate, cornflakes and waffle cone bits to create our new cult classic.

We’ve got two options for you! After you select your pick up day and add the product to your cart, a menu will pop up for you to choose the Drumsticks or Wings option.

  • 6 drumsticks: chicken drumstick-sized ice cream bars. Perfect for smaller parties or dinner parties where these treats will be served as the dessert.

  • 12 wings: flats and drumettes! Mini ice cream treats the size of hot wings. An excellent choice for larger parties or cocktail parties, where these treats are part of a dessert buffet.

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