We are in love with our beautiful city and our wonderful food community, and we pour this love into Life Raft Treats. We celebrate the exceptional local coffee roasters and farmers whose produce, dairy, honey, and eggs make our nostalgic treats shine.

  • Lowcountry Creamery

  • Storey Farms

  • Second State Coffee

  • Blue Pearl Farms

  • Bulls Bay Sea Salt

  • Horsecreek Honey Farms

  • Grow Food Carolina


We’d just be a collection of silly jokes and choice cuss words without the support and strength of our friends. They’ve helped us launch the Life Raft Treats boat into the water, shouted our name from the rooftops, fed us bacon sandwiches when we’ve freaked out, helped us polish off magnums of rose, and given us golden advice.

  • Scram

  • Effin B Radio

  • Cherry Bombe

  • Mah Ze Dahr